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BANQERO Copper is a well-rounded brown rum that is both harmonious and complex. Rich and balanced this rum offers a wonderful aromatic profile with notes of caramel, roasted coffee, and vanilla with a very nice length in the mouth. To taste dry or on the rocks with, for the amateurs, a Cohiba or a Montecristo.



    • Country of origin: Switzerland
    • Alcohol content: 40% Vol
    • Capacity: 70 cl
    • Type: brown molasses rum
    • Distillation: distillation in a copper still dating back to 1887
    • Tasting Notes:
      • Nose: woody, fresh vegetal, caramel
      • Palate: long notes of caramel, roasted coffee, and vanilla
      • Sweetness (rating from 1 to 5): 4
      • Sugar content: 30g/litre
    • As a drink: dry or on the rocks
    • Award:


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Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 11 × 11 × 25 cm

1 review for BANQERO Copper

  1. Tanya

    A truly 5-star product. Banqero Copper is a smooth and sophisticated delight to the palate. It embodies the best of Swiss class and quality. The care and attention with which it is produced is evident in each refined mouthful.

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