After more than 18 months of development, we are proud and happy to present our new range of arranged rums, produced in the heart of the Caribbean from the best local rums. Result of an ambitious partnership concluded with the Séverin Distillery, in Sainte-Rose in Guadeloupe, the ambition is to propose authentic arranged rums produced under the tropics all year long in our country.

The challenge, both logistically and culturally, was equal to the distance between our two countries but the result is exceptional.All the fresh fruit are naturally sun-ripened. Once mature, they are carefully selected before being combined with the rum. Nicknamed “the caviar of Guadeloupe” for its delicate and subtle aromas, the vanilla pods are all of Bourbon origin. An extraordinary blend of everything the Caribbean has to offer, captured in a bottle!

“If there is no rum in paradise, then I will not go.”