Trio BANQERO Mango Passion & Victoria Pineapple & Ginger Hibiscus


BANQERO Mango Passion is a rum punch produced in Guadeloupe from the best local rums. Mango and passion fruit are carefully selected and cut by hand before bottling. This union is enhanced by a Bourbon vanilla pod, nicknamed “caviar of Guadeloupe” for its delicate and subtle aromas. The end result is a symphony of flavors, generous fresh and peperry notes with toasted vanilla, leaving a long-lasting taste in your mouth…very long! Reminiscent of distant journeys and the sweetness of life in the tropics.

BANQERO Victoria Pineapple is a rum punch produced in Guadeloupe using the best local rums. Only the Victoria pineapple, known as the tropical fruit king, is used in the making of this spirit. Its sweet, slightly tart taste and exceptional fragrance are a tribute to its origins. Added to this combination is the finest Bourbon vanilla pod, known for its delicate and subtle aromas. In your mouth, it is an endless explosion of pineapple flavors. A taste that leads you to the Caribbean sun, white sand, and endless turquoise seas.

BANQERO Ginger Hibiscus is a rum punch produced in Guadeloupe from the best local rums. This blend combines ginger, fresh, finely cut sugar cane that is then added to agricultural rum. Hibiscus syrup refines this recipe and softens the full-bodied character of the ginger, allowing the full expression of the rum through a subtle balance. Upon tasting, you will fall under the spell of its floral flavors, the power of the ginger, and the sweetness of the sugar cane.




  • Country of origin: Guadeloupe
  • Alcohol Content:
    • Mango Passion: 27% Vol
    • Victoria Pineapple: 27.5% Vol
    • Ginger Hibiscus: 28.5% Vol
  • Volume: 70 cl including pieces of mango, passion fruit and Bourbon vanilla pod
  • Type: white agricultural rum
  • Distillation: distillation in a column still
  • Tasting:
    • Mango Passion:
      • Nose: tropical fruit
      • Palate: fresh, peppery and toasted vanilla
      • Delicacy index: very mild
    • Victoria Pineapple:
      • Nose: tropical fruit
      • Palate: ripe fruit, toasted vanilla and endless pineapple
      • Delicacy index: very mild
    • Ginger Hibiscus:
      • Nose: tropical fruit
      • Palate: floral flavors, full-bodied ginger, and fresh sugar cane
      • Delicacy index: very mild
  • To be drunk cold, dry, or on the rocks

Additional information

Weight 4.5 kg
Dimensions 33 × 11 × 25 cm


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